Poster Art - Take Part! Erasmus+ 2015 - 18

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Poster Art

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Our project “POSTER ART – TAKE PART!” is created by eight European Countries. The project focuses on poster art as a means to integrate The European Dimension into artworks. We perceive posters as objects of visual communication that combine artistic and linguistic elements, thus it is a tool for unrestricted expression. Most activities will happen on the street or will lead to public space.

We want to use artistic practice as a support for developing linguistic skills and opening to the world .We want to develop the knowledge of graphic design and poster arts among the pupils and develop their artistic sense.

workshop Gijon, Spain

We wish to approach themes such as peace, international solidarity, the human rights, the integration, the interculturality and promote democratic values within the framework of the education in the citizenship. We will produce posters on the thematic of peace, tolerance, respect of democratic values, European integration and international solidarity. We will work with the association “cartooning for peace” that produce exhibitions for schools about freedom of expression, peace, tolerance.


Workshop in Italy, October 2016

Workshop in Macedonia, March 2017


Workshop in Poland, May 2017

We will also make some wall painting posters and teach the pupils about the urban furniture and architectural elements that support posters. This way the pupils can have a sensitive approach to the place they are going to every day and can be prepared for the final production in Austria:


Installation Poster art – Poster wall – Printings on advertising columns

Installation with advertising columns, poster walls, bus stops, phone boxes, etc. in the Austrian school (entrance)

We design and create together our own European school entrance as an installation with elements from each country. The final presentation for all workshops and designs on advertising columns and poster walls will be held in front of the Austrian school. The school entrance will be created and designed during the project as a small town with elements from a town, like bus stops, advertising columns, places, poster walls, walking and relaxing areas and so on (elements from real life of pupils).

This new school entrance is our vision for a new school idea, for a European school idea, the entrance invites the whole European countries to be part in school. It is open minded, tolerant, respectful, interested, democratic, creative and we want to show and to see these values.

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