From Painting Walls in Via Longa To Dancing Sirtaki in the Streets of Lisbon

Prior to our arrival at Lisbon Airport Humberto Delgado we had already spent many hours on the train, travelling all the way from Salzburg via Stuttgart, Germany, to Portugal. Nevertheless our tiredness vanished once we caught sight of the first blinking lights of Lisbon; the beauty of the city at night lured us out into the streets, where small confeitarias mixed with hipster-bars and expensive looking hotels. We spent much of our free time exploring our neighbourhood Barrio Alto and other parts of town. On one occasion we even met a street musician from Austria, who played us Viennese tunes and laughed at our clumsy attempts at dancing the Sirtaki.

Visiting Via Longa was, of course, a very different experience. Where it lacked glamour and urban flair it could captivate with the charme of typical Portuguese house tiles and the low prices of pastries and delicious coffee at a local café. Painting the school´s wall was an honour, we didn´t feel we were entitled to, as we can´t call ourselves great painters or even real artists. However with the help of all the other students I think we accomplished something quite impressive. It felt natural to decorate the wall with our colourful creation after discovering so many great works of street art in Lisbon. The motivation we gained from working as a big team kept us going in times we did not feel as energised, for example on the long rides by bus.

For us Austrians it is always special to take a walk along the sea, as we do not have any coastlines. Therefore the trips to the seaside made us very happy.

Although the activity, which I personally enjoyed the most, was definitely the tour through maat. I think it is a  great idea to not only practice forms of art in groups and go sightseeing, but also to look at what is currently happening in the art scene of Lisbon. The visit to maat was an excellent way to do this.

We want to thank not only our teacher, Paul Stadler, and the EU, that made it possible, through the Erasmus+ project, to go to all those amazing schools, but also Portugal in particular. We relished every moment in this wonderful country, whether it be in front of a fully laden plate of Portuguese delicacies or simply wandering around the city in the evening.