First of all, I want to thank everyone who made this project possible.
I spent great time in Portugal, with friendly and beautiful people and there are so many good things I will keep in my memory forever.

I am a student from a small village in Bosnia and Herzegovina with not many opportunities to travel abroad and  meeting people from other countries, so, the different customs, the other cultures, students’ everyday life, everything was unusual for me. I am particularly fascinated with the relationship among the  students and teachers, it’s more relaxing than in my school.
In those 5 days I realized how much are the people different, but that the diversity doesn’t separate us, it connects us. We can learn from each other and we can share our experience.

The first day I was a little inconvenient because we have just met and I didn’t trust myself and my English language skills.
The second day was a huge difference, we started to hang out together, we spoke English, talked about the project and worked on the mural.
The third day we spent at the host school in Portugal where we learnt a lot of interesting things during the workshops organised by students and teachers.
On the fourth day, we went sightseeing Lisbon which is impressive and unforgettable.
The farewell day came too fast, there was still so much to say and do, but I hope we will be another opportunity in our life, the world became so small in my eyes.

Would I do it again? Yes, anytime.

NUDŽEJMA JUSIĆ, Nemila, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The trip to Portugal was a unique experience for me. I learned so much and I met many new people.

The school in Lisbon surprised me,it  is very beautiful and different from the school I go to. The yard is huge and there are always a lot of children.

The first day, the day when we did the mural was incredible. We all worked together and we helped each other. I have never done anything like that before, so this was a very interesting and wonderful experience.  After we had  prepared everything, we started to paint  the drawings.

When we finished we were exhausted, but so  proud of what we did. The mural is beautiful. I didn’t expect  we could do it so well.

The second day was very interesting, too. We first took some photos at school and then we participated in workshops.

But the best thing that day was the museum. We went to the museum near the see. The shape of the museum is very strange. I’ve never seen something like that. It is just perfect. I learned so much there.

The last day was the best. We went sightseeing Lisbon and visited some new places. We went to the coast, too. It was so beautiful. Lissabon is really a great city.

I met  new culture, I tried Portuguese food, visited a lot of cultural places,  I met new friends and I practiced my English language- experience for a life time!

I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this. We all were very sad when we had to go home. If i could, I would do everything again.