Austria in Macedonia
At the end of March 2017 nine students of our school went to Bitola, Macedonia. There we met the partner schools from all the other countries taking part in the Erasmus+ programme. Although we met most of the students for the first time in Bitola, we happily noticed a few familiar faces. Throughout the few days we were staying in Macedonia, we created two posters regarding topics like bullying, discrimination or violence in school. The rest of the time we spent visiting various restaurants, where we were served traditional macedonian food, admiring the extraordinary architecture of Ilinden memorial and marvelling at the two lakes – Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. In the evenings we had time to stroll through Bitola and discover macedonian culture. All of us are very grateful to have seized the opportunity to travel to Macedonia, as we will surely never forget the country´s beauty or the nice residents.