Für unser Erasmus+ Projekt „Poster Art 2015-18“ findet ab sofort der Logo contest statt.

Jede Partnerschule hat 2 Logovorschläge entworfen und nun bitten wir alle Schüler, Lehrer, Eltern der Partnerschulen in Österreich, Portugal, Spanien, Polen, Italien, Rümanien und Mazedonien für einen der Vorschläge abzustimmen.

Jeder kann auch öfters abstimmen. Die Abstimmung ist ganz einfach mit folgendem link durchzuführen.

Zagłosuj na stronie:
Każdy głos jest na wagę złota!
W głosowaniu biorą udział wszystkie szkoły partnerskie. Każda z nich wytypowała dwie najlepsze prace wśród swoich uczniów. Mamy 7 krajów, a zatem 14 propozycji do wyboru. Oddajemy swój głos na jedno logo spośród tych propozycji. Głosować można wiele razy. Zaproście więc swoich rodziców, braci, siostry, kolegów i koleżanki do międzynarodowego głosowania oraz udostępniajcie link tam, gdzie możecie. Celujemy w 1000, a może nawet 2000 głosów!

Abstimmung Logo contest

Die Abstimmung ist bis April 2016 möglich. Der oder die GewinnerIn wird bei der Spanienreise im Mai bekannt gegeben. Wir, die PosterArt-Gruppe unserer Schule, bitten Euch um rege Teilnahme.


What is the POSTER ART Project?

Our project “POSTER ART – TAKE PART!” will be created by eight European Countries. The project focuses on poster art as a means to integrate The European Dimension into artworks. We perceive posters as objects of visual communication that combine artistic and linguistic elements, thus it is a tool for unrestricted expression. Most activities will happen on the street or will lead to public space. It will enable all pupils, including the ones with a migration background or special educational needs the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions through art shown in public. We want students to develop the motivation, self-confidence, artistic creativity and awareness of the multicultural European society. They will learn different techniques of preparing public messages (from ancient/medieval woodcutting and linen/paper screenprinting to modern techniques in web-design and social networking) and they will obtain professional background on poster composition and direct/compact messaging. The project aims at developing students’ critical thinking, creativity and the basic ability of justifing their opinions. They will need to work cooperatively, so the teamwork abilities and social development skills will be enhanced. Art will be taken as a starting point to raise and discuss European issues. Students will express the results of their researches on horizontal issues. In „Poster ART” we will  be using new technologies to develop intercultural exchange in a foreign language. We have been working on the related topic through TwinSpace and most our schools are experienced in the field of art. We have already met in the preparatory meeting in Austria to plan all necessary arrangements  for 3 years running. We will go on having online lessons and monthly chat hours for students, using the project website, facebook group and TwinSpace blog as they are great facilities and opportunities to share work and interact. Every school will have a Erasmus Corner: a source of information for everybody where the developing activities are shown.